A Home Away From Home

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A Home Away From Home
Respecting the new dispositions and rules to guarantee the safety to our guests, we are ready to welcome you in our B&B, with the hope of seeing you soon!

Enjoy the comforts of home 

Building the dream

In 2014, we were watching an episode of House Hunter International and saw a family from Australia (who was originally from Piedmont) go on a vacation to Italy. They saw an old farm house (Cascina), bought it and turned into a B&B. 
We loved that House Hunter International's episode and as a joke said: "We should do the same one day!"
One year later, we started looking online for "Cascinas" for sale in Piedmont. In Febraury 2015, we connected with an Italian real estate agent who sent us several options. In a short time, we had booked a flight to Italy. After a quick search, we found the perfect place in Piedmont!
After three years of an extensive renovation, we are proud to open Cascina Malinverni!
Today, we are honored to host visitors from all over the world!
We take pride in bringing the comforts of home to your vacation and sharing our local culture. We hope to host you soon!
-Pietro & Valerie, Founders and Hosts of Cascina Malinverni